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Woven Purse Strap | 1.5 inch width

Woven Purse Strap | 1.5 inch width

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Create unique looks for your bag with our stylish Woven Purse Strap! This interchangeable strap gives you the opportunity to add a personal touch to your purse collection. So why limit yourself? Get creative with your fashion and spice up your outfit with one of our multi-patterned straps, featuring antique brass-colored hardware. Make a statement with every look!

** like a strap and have a bag already? By all means, purchase that strap. There is no hidden agreement on here that requires you to purchase a bag to purchase a strap. 

** These straps are 27 in.-48 in.: black & white diamonds, bicycles, bright stripes, cream, multi-green stripes, gray & white diamonds, peacock & cream diamonds, purple/ silver 

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