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Leather Planter Cover

Leather Planter Cover

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**photos for this listing will be updated after the Qunicy Maker's Market on 09/23/23

Elevate your home decor with a timeless piece of artistry. Our Leather Planter Cover is handcrafted with full grain vegetable tanned leather—an eye-catching accent that will last forever. Add an instant touch of luxury and class!

**Please note, this listing is for the leather planter cover only. If you choose local pickup and would like a plant to go with, please email at and I will show you the variety of plants I have for sale. 

  • dimensions: coming soon!
  • In stock and ready to ship within 2 business days
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Leather Types

Leather Care

Scuffs and Scratches

Rub your finger in a circular motion over the scuff and/or scratch. This will naturally bring the oils in the leather to the surface causing the scuff and/or scratch to fade away.

Conditioning the Leather Goods

With use and exposure to the natural elements, leather will begin to dry. When leather begins to dry this increases the risk of cracks developing. Conditioning your leather goods with Smith’s Leather Balm every 6-12 months is important to ensure the leather does not crack. I would recommend following Smith’s All Natural instructions with applying this leather balm.

Condition the leather as needed if your leather good is exposed to rain. Allow for your leather good to dry out first then apply the conditioner.

Cleaning the Leather Goods

Use a microfiber or another soft cloth to remove the dirt and dust that may accumulate through daily use as needed.

To clean your leather goods after an organic spill (like coffee, water, etc) dilute Dr. Bronner’s or another mild soap in water. Take a dampened cloth with the soap/water mixture and gently clean the areas that are dirty. Take a second cloth that is damp with water to remove the soap that was applied to stain. Blot the area dry with a towel prior to repeating the process.

Recommend using Chamberlain’s Straight Cleaner for tough stains per Chamberlain’s recommendations.

Materials and Sustainability

  • The leather is sourced from trusted tanneries and suppliers in Italy or North America.

Leather Products are Unique

At Leather and Linen Co, each leather product is handcrafted using natural materials, resulting in unique variations. This is the charm of using authentic leather and handcrafting every bag.

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