the inspiration for the new product names

the inspiration for the new product names

I have been recently been able to niche down the Leather and Linen Co. product line. The products got renamed in the process. I throughly enjoy houseplants and have favorites that I have now named the products after.  After some research, I learned the different varieties of these plants and their sizes. So I correlated the full grown size of the plant to the size of the bag in that style set.

Model No. 1is now the Boston Compacta after the Boston Compacta Fern. Model No. 2 is the Boston after the Boston Fern. The bucket bag is now the Jade Bucket bag after Jade pathos variety. 


A few favorite plants include crimson queen Hoya, golden pothos and a fiddle leaf fig. 

Crimson Queen Hoyagolden pothosfiddle leaf fig

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how fun to know how the names came about!!


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