Let's Chat about Leather Hide Markings

Let's Chat about Leather Hide Markings

Each leather hide used at L&L Co. is unique in their own way from natural markings to special stamps the suede side. 

This article from The Leather Guy goes through what each type of natural marking looks like from bug bites to veins. He includes photos of ranch brands too. I typically cut around the ranch brands and discard but with the thought of I wonder where this working ranch is located. Ranch brands most certainly vary in size, shape and complexity. I would encourage you to read the article and compare the photos to a leather bag you have from a maker to see if you can identify any specific natural markings. You will not find these marking in commercially made products due to how that type of leather composite is made for continuity purposes. 

Leather hides sometimes come with a stamp the suede side, sometimes. I have had a few hides without this.  This type of marking signifies to when the leather hide was produced. 

This type of stamp is rare and there is only one per hide (maybe!). I am part of handcrafted leather bags FB group and each time someone posts a picture of finding this mark, the number of people who comment that they look for this when they get a bag is crazy. Some of the people go as far to say this marking is "coveted" and others have said they purchased up to 20 bags just to see if they could get one! I am most certainly not an advocate for someone purchasing many bags till they get a stamp like this in the bag. Going forward, I will have special listings on my websites when I make a bag with one of these. 

Thanks for joining me today on this random topic of leather hide markings. 


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