ethically sourced leather | sourced intentionally

ethically sourced leather | sourced intentionally

Have you ever wondered where your said item (like clothing or in my case leather) was produced, what the environment was like, were the factory workers paid fair wages and what type of environmental impact the factory was making? I know I sure have. And mostly since I took an environmental science class where a documentary (Chasing Ice) was watched of how the glaciers across the earth are retreating and not recovering that they historically have in the past due to carbon emissions.

The slow fashion movement in a nutshell is creating high quality products with sustainable materials. And I just realized recently that I am now apart of this movement. These items are typically found at small local businesses rather than the big box stores. Within this movement, there is great importance stressed on the working conditions, type of wages given to the workers in which the materials come from.

I have done a lot of research and found that the USA located leather suppliers I use do source ethically made leather hides. Fun fact: the one leather supplier does source the hides out of Mexico. This tannery in Mexico is a three generation family business who is very mindful of the environmental impact with the tanning processes. I learned so much on the tannery’s website. Fun fact: All the leather hides are a result of the meat industry. I can say with 100% assurance that these cows are not being raised to be only used for leather.

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